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        1.   Welcome to Our website., we are happy to serve you!  
          中文版 | ENGLISH
          Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
          •    Halogebenzens
          •    Benzoic acids
          •    Anthranilamides
          •    Isatins
          •    Isatoic anhydrides
          •    Heterocyclics
          •    API
          •    Quinazoline
          •    Pharmaceutical intermediates
              Add: No. 40, South of Nongke Road...
              Contact: Ms. Cheng Yueyan
              Mobile: +86-13083005206
              Tel: +86-551-62877988
              Fax: +86-551-62877988
              Email: chgyy@lbaophychem.com.cn
            Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd. is a company constructed by a few young people who hope to dedicate to the progress of science and technology for human health. They are good at thinking, working & looking forward, making achievement of their career as well as devoting the society enthusiasm. They keep trying setbacks, enterprising & growing up, forgetting the mistakes of the past to strive for a better future. They have tolerance, patience & understanding of everything. Successful, they made all the world good, poor, they made themselves alone. Lbao Company makes chemicals for order, especially in the field of pesticide, medicine and its intermediates. The company also provides technical consultation and transformation, especial on the field of fine chemicals. The company is comprehensive service provider from laboratory to production.

          Main products: 2-Amino-3-nitrobenzoic acid; Methyl 2-amino-3-nitrobenzoate; 2,1,3-Benzoxadiazol; 2,1,3-Benzothiadiazole; 7-Bromoisatin; 2-Chloro-3-nitrobenzoic acid; 5-Bromo-2-fluoro-1,3-dimethylbenzene; 4-Bromo-2,6-dimethylaniline; 1-Bromo-2-nitrobenzene; 2-Bromoaniline; 2-Amino-3-bromobenzoic acid;4-Bromoisatin; 5-Bromoisatin; 6-Bromoisatin; 7-Bromoisatin; 7-Nitroisatin; 5-Bromoisatoic anhydride. For long term, relying on our sincerity, we have made great progress. We hope for your support.
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          Copyright(C)2013,Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice
          Accept chemicals customization services, specializes in pesticides, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates; provide of forming technical advice and transfer, focusing on all kinds of fine chemicals; from the laboratory to the production of full-service provider.
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