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        Welcome to Our website., we are happy to serve you!  
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      Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
        Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd. is a company constructed by a few young people who hope to dedicate to the progress of science and technology for human health. They are good at thinking, working & looking forward, making achievement of their ... ...more>>>  
      7-methylisatin improved production technologies are quite successful...
        Cooperation between the Company ...
        Dispatch of professional and technical...
        The company participated in 2012 Hefei ...
        @ lbaophychem.com.cn
         •  Halogebenzens  •  Benzoic...  •  Anthranilamides  •  Isatins  •  Isatoic...  •  Heterocyclics  •  API  
            Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
        Contact: Ms. Cheng Yueyan         Mobile: +86-13083005206,+86-13470987861       Tel: +86-551-62877988           Fax: +86-551-62877988
          Add: No. 40, South of Nongke Road, Luyang District, Hefei City, Anhui Privince, China       •     Email: chgyy@lbaophychem.com.cn
      Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
      Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
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      Accept chemicals customization services, specializes in pesticides, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates; provide of forming technical advice and transfer, focusing on all kinds of fine chemicals; from the laboratory to the production of full-service provider.