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          Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
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          7 - methyl of isatin production technology improved quite successful

          7 - methyl isatin production technology optimization and improvement, not only to improve the yield, but also increases the purity of the product, and has brought great benefits to the company.

          Time ago company then a 7 - methyl isatin large list, but heartrendingly follow the original process of mass production, it may lead to the 7 - methyl isatin decreased purity, this will inevitably lead to product the decline in the quality, but also can not meet the requirements of the customers. Holds a responsible attitude towards ourselves and other people, the company decided to process improvement and then production. Improved full of apprehension experiment a bit, did not think the results are better than expected, produced 7 - methyl isatin especially good-looking color purity is much higher than before. We are not only on time and to the customer to pay the goods, but also because of particularly good quality, very satisfied customer, said more next time with us. The improvement is not only brought us interests but also to the production after we pointed out the direction, business must adhere to the principle of quality first, so as to retain customers, to make a healthy and robust growth of the company.

          Only good process coupled with the correct operation, in order to produce the best products. 7 - methyl isatin process improvements, the products have been recognized by customers, but also allows us to produce such a good product for themselves and be proud of. We have recently produced a batch of seven - methyl isatin, and the quality is always good. I believe that our 7 - methyl isatin definitely give the company greater efficiency in the near future.

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          Accept chemicals customization services, specializes in pesticides, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates; provide of forming technical advice and transfer, focusing on all kinds of fine chemicals; from the laboratory to the production of full-service provider.
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