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        1.   Welcome to Our website., we are happy to serve you!  
          中文版 | ENGLISH
          Hefei Lbao Phy. & Chem. Science Co., Ltd.
          •    Halogebenzens
          •    Benzoic acids
          •    Anthranilamides
          •    Isatins
          •    Isatoic anhydrides
          •    Heterocyclics
          •    API
          •    Quinazoline
          •    Pharmaceutical intermediates
              Add: No. 40, South of Nongke Road...
              Contact: Ms. Cheng Yueyan
              Mobile: +86-13083005206
              Tel: +86-551-62877988
              Fax: +86-551-62877988
              Email: chgyy@lbaophychem.com.cn

          1. Products in the list are conventional products, we can provide spot commodity to most of them.

          2. Our products can not be used for clinical diagnosis, treatment and for other special uses or occasions.

          3. In case of any quality problem, please contact us within 7 days after reception of the goods, and the detailed lab report should be attached, we can exchange the product after verification. The user should test the product before use.

          4. Please consult price before ordering.

          5. Contact us via Tel, Fax and E-mail.
          1 Tel: +86-551-62877988
          2 Fax: +86-551-62877988
          3 E-mail: mamm@lbaophychem.com.cn

          6. Please offer following information when ordering:
          1 Order form, including: product name, CAS No., grade, packing, quantity, special requirement
          2 Name, Tel, Add, P.C. of the contact
          3 Invoice data, including: company, Add, Tel, opening bank and account No.
          4 Copy of fax or E-mail scanning copy of remitting bill, we will deliver the goods on receipt of the above data.

          7. The invoice and container list will be sent with goods, check it. Please contact us if they are not received.

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          Accept chemicals customization services, specializes in pesticides, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates; provide of forming technical advice and transfer, focusing on all kinds of fine chemicals; from the laboratory to the production of full-service provider.
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